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LG SL8000 And SL9000 -- Is That Really True Borderless TV?

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LG unveiled an interesting TV line at the IFA 2009 conference called the LIVE Borderless TV series. When you think of Borderless TV, many thought that the TV would have a display screen spanning from end to end without a border. However, it seems that this is not the case.

LG has been pushing its borderless TVs the SL8000 and SL9000, which are ultra slim TVs with no borders. However, the TVs are not borderless in the way you might think. Most consumers believed that the TVs would have no “frame” around the display area and that the viewable screen would span from the end of each side. TVs actually do in fact have a small bezel border around the unit. Apparently the border LG was referring to is the physical distinction or partition between the screen and the bezel. LG has developed a technology that allows the company to create super-slim smooth TVs by using a Injection Compression Molding technique. This technique allows LG to use a single piece of glass that spans the TV from end to end.

It is supposed to be an advanced type of molding technology similar to the technique used by Apple for some of the monitors. This technique allows for the creation of super slim TVs that are less than 3cm thick. Previously, LG did reveal a bezel-less TVs but it seems like the LG S80 which does not have a border or frame is no where in sight.