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Monday, Dec 10th

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Toshiba To Bring 3D TV That Doesn't Require Glasses

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I recently bought a Samsung LED 3D TV to upgrade from my 5 years old Samsung LCD TV. The biggest news for me was that the samsung 3D TV requires its proprietary 3D glasses.

I was surprised by finding out that each current television manufacturer making their own 3D TV requires their own 3D glasses to experience the full 3D.

Here comes Toshiba, planning to release three 3D TVs before the end of the year.

These TVs will not require the aforementioned 3D glasses and will instead use similar technology to Sharp's parallax barrier, which is used on Nintendo's upcoming 3DS portable 3D gaming console. The technology will emit light rays at different angles, which is the magic that means we won't have to wear those cumbersome glasses. Let's see how well these 3D TVs will perform when they're released.