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Solar Powered Infinite Standby Time iTech Bluetooth Headset

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You might have seen bluetooth headsets that has standby time of 8 hours or 10 hours or 50 hours but have you heard of a bluetooth headset that has infinite standby time?

iTech has launched a new solar powered bluetooth headset that provides infinite standby time while in sunlight.

Key Features of iTech SolarVoice 908

# Enchanced voice clarity
# Multipoint technology, which lets the headset connect simultaneously to two cell phones
# Infinite Standby time under sunlight
# Ergonomic ear hook and Innovative earbuds design
# An elegant headset cradle designed for desktop and in-car use
# Flashing green light indicates units is solar charging


The SolarVoice 908 which weights 13.5g features noise reduction for improved audio clarity, Bluetooth stereo for streaming music, and lets you pair up to two phones at the same time.

According to Hong Kong-based i.Tech Dynamic, the SolarVoice 908 takes 15 hours to be fully charged under optimalsunlight. But the company advises users to charge the accessory via the A/C mains or USB port (approximately 3 hours) when using for the first time.

In standby mode, the headset is capable of juicing itself as indicated by a flashing green LED. It also comes bundled with four earbuds of different sizes and a cradle specially designed to hold the headset so the solar panels face the sun at the right angle. Talktime is rated for 5 hours and standby time is, well, forever, at least where there's sunlight. The SolarVoice 908 will be available in Singapore from September 10 at S$109 (US$72.94).