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Robot That Plays Angry Birds

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Have you achieved 3 stars on all levels of Angry Birds? Shame on you because this robot can play better angry birds than you do.

OptoFidelity, a machine-vision company based in Finland like Rovio Mobile, recently designed a robot that can play the avian-flinging game automatically, and quite well. It can get three stars on every level.

The PR video below shows a two-fingered screen-testing robot going up against a human competitor and defeating him. It's unclear how good the robot really is, but there's also a behind-the-scenes account of how they made the video here.

"It wasn't hard to implement an application for this particular need," the company said in a statement. "The most difficult part of the project was to play through all levels of Angry Birds. Thanks to the ready-made components that OptoFidelity already had, the robot controlling part was quite easy."