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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

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Microsoft to launch Bing as well as Windows 7 phone In INDIA

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All around the world, competition in the technology related market has increased. Everybody is making huge plans to acquire the top position in the market. Similar thing is going to be observed in this year.



Microsoft is thinking up to launch its search engine "Bing" in the Indian market. The Information Technology giant has recently announced their plans to introduce its much-hyped Windows 7 phone in the domestic market, but the date of the launch has not yet been finalised.

“It will not just be a search engine, but will be a decision making engine, promising different experience to users. It is sure to give a different digital experience to users,” said by Microsoft India (R&D) Managing Director Amit Chatterjee.

He added, Microsoft was always quick, but “we do not want to rush with things” as several factors including the user experience should be considered by bringing out the product. The company was, therefore, factoring several issues before formally announcing the date of launch of the much-hyped Windows 7 phone although it was ready with a broad strategy to make forays into the market. “The date has not yet been finalised, but the product is sure to hit the market later this year,” he said.

The response for the Windows 7 phone in the markets where it was launched was extremely positive. Nine of the ten users were reportedly recommending the product to others as the availability of applications was the key factor that differentiates the phone.

Explaining about the ongoing efforts to bring out new applications, he said almost 100 applications were being added to the App Store on a daily basis with users downloading at least one application everyday, reflecting the levels of acceptance of the product.