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Kids Likely To Have Tablet Soon

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Technology is playing a great role in our life . Everyday new gadgets are launched , with lot of features . And each one of tech freak guy would surely love to buy them all .

Tablet is the new gadget which is on everybody's tongue these days . Now another tablet, meant especially for kids is going to be launched , and that is , VTech InnoPad , which is a multi-function tablet and is capable of delivering interactive and animated reading, educational gaming and creative activities via a library of cartridges.

It will have  interactive and animated reading, learning games, creative activities and a rich collection of applications . Stories that are read through the InnoPad, will be able to come to life via interactive, animated e-books which deliver story narration, character voices, animation, vivid graphics, sounds and music.

It  includes a 5? brilliant color touchscreen LCD display, a tilt-sensor for game control , and connectivity options that include USB, an SD memory slot and a headphone jack.

With the InnoPad , kids can develop the skills of using touch applications including tap , flick , pat and drag-and-drop – a precursor of sorts to a future tablet that they might just own down the road.

The InnoPad will retail for $79.99, while each piece of software is going for $24.99 .