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iPad 2 India Prices, Reviews, Comparison

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ipad-2-indiaApple's new biggest selling device, iPad 2 was announced to be launched in India for late April. Apple iPad 2 in India was launched just yesterday and within the days of its announcement, the device is said to be out of stock.

According to Apple, Apple is working on availability of the product, but the second shipment would come only after 10 days.

So how much the Apple iPad 2 in India? What are the prices of iPad 2 in India?

Well, iPad 2 comes in three variations and two different models.

A 16GB model iPad will be available for Rs.29500 MRP and for 32GB and 64GB models, you would have to shell out Rs.34500 and Rs.39500, respectively. These were the prices of the Wi-Fi only devices. The iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and 3G will cost you a bit more. The 16GB model, comes with a price tag of 36900, while the 32GB and 64GB models will cost you Rs.41900 and Rs.46900, respectively.

According to store sales representative at Imagine, one of the Apple premium resellers at Bangalore, they had received about 120 units of iPad 2.

He said, “We started taking the pre-order around 12 hours prior to the launch and given the huge demand out there, the entire stock of 120 units got over within a day. The second slot of delivery is expected in 10 days.”

So those of you who are waiting for Apple iPad 2 in India, may have to wait for few more days to get your hands on this puppy. Good luck.