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How To Run Internet Explorer on iPad? - iPad IE?

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The Apple iPad is device with loads of features, flexibility and a wow factor. You can store home photos, virtual tours, videos, brochures, live maps and many other materials regularly presented to clients

iPad runs the Safari browser exclusively. There are recent browsers like Opera and Skyfire available for iPad too. But you can not actually run Internet Explorer on iPad. I have been asked this question so many times.. can iPad use iE? or people ask me about the internet explorer for ipadiphone. So how to use iPad IE?

DedicatedIT has a method for bringing Microsoft Internet Explorer to the Apple iPad: our cloud / hosted infrastructure solution, HostMyIT.

* Nearly any device (iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop, PC or Mac) can access a full suite of applications – even if they aren’t able to be installed or run natively from that device.
* Your business will no longer need a server of its own.
* Employees can work from anywhere with full functionality.