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Connect Your PC To TV Wirelessly With EZAir EZR601AV

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Japan-based EzAir has a nifty kit which bridges your computer and display wirelessly minus the unsightly cables or a bulky media streamer.

The EzAir EZR601AV comes with a USB dongle for connecting your desktop/notebook and a compact base station featuring an HDMI output for your display.


The latter also sports a secondary analog PC jack in case your TV lacks the newer HDMI input. The US$147 EzAir EZR601AV will be launched from April 12, though it is targeted primarily at the Japanese market.


Product Features

1. Ultrawideband (UWB) high-speed communication system
Wireless HD AV kit "EZR601AV" UWB communication system adopted by the high-speed communications, low power consumption, and combines the advantages of no interference with other wireless devices. UWB is a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 480Mbps and wireless LAN (54Mbps) and Bluetooth (3Mbps) at a rate far beyond, is possible viewing high resolution wireless video smoothly.
2. HDMI, D-sub15 specifications for televisions and projectors pin
Receiving A / V connection to video equipment from the adapter, HDMI pin HD 720p (1280 × 720) output audio and video, D-sub15-pin VGA connector is SXGA + (1400 × 1050) output video The. Audio output (3.5mm stereo jack) are also included. You can connect a large LCD TV or projector.
3. Two display modes
External display screen display screen directly to your computer desktop mode "mirror" and can be used as multi-display mode "mobile" can be set.
4. Simple, compact and easy installation
Wireless HD AV kit "EZR601AV" is connected to the PC via USB "PC Adapter" to connect the monitor cable to the device "A / V adapter (A / V-based devices + Adapter)" is composed. It looks compact and simple, seamless item be placed in the living room. Easy pairing with factory installed, you can easily use.
4.Certified Wireless USB standards
Certified Wireless USB standard, so that the world standards, interoperable with other products. The communication bit by 128 AES encryption implementation, you can use with confidence in terms of security.