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A Future Of Apple Without Steve Jobs

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apple-future-without-steve-jobsApple is one company that's familiar with the word innovative and groundbreaking and the man at the head of this ship is Steve Jobs. From every article to laptop reviews, the industry has been constantly stunned by Apple's performance. He's been the figurehead and one of the leading minds behind Apple's unsurpassed growth. This company is seeing it's golden age as they continue to lead the market and drive the world of technology ever forward. But, it seems, that not everything is as it seems and some believe that the near future we'll see an Apple Inc. without Steve Jobs.

Jobs came out from his medical leave during a recent conference to unveil Apple's new operating system. He also announced that, with this program, the company will begin implementing software into their computers that will make them run more like mobile devices. Jobs subsequently received a standing ovation after his announcement at Apple's annual developers' conference.

Jobs often gives speeches about upcoming features and directions that the company is planning on taking but this is only his second major public appearance since he went on medical leave in January. There's a lot of speculation but no one is for certain what the reason or the duration of his leave will be. Many are questioning what this will mean for the company but one thing is for sure: for the time being, Apple hasn't lost its edge over the competition but it is seeing an affect in its stock.

Apple's stock price has fallen and this was the very same day the conference opened. It seems that investors are worried about Jobs' health and the stability of the company without him. His role seems inextricably tied to Apple's stock because when it was announced that Jobs would be speaking, the stock share price received a three percent bump. Rallying was short-lived once audiences saw his gaunt appearance and noticeably weak voice.

Jobs has a history of serious health issues. It was just six months ago that he went on an indefinite medical leave, which caused a subsequent 2.25 percent drop in share prices. The only other time he's made a public appearance was with the launch of the iPad 2 and he looked weak even then. There still remains many unanswered questions as to Jobs' future with the company and how it will affect the direction and success that, at present, seems unstoppable. Apple's sales haven't been affected but only time will tell what's in store as shareholders and the market wait for news and hope for the best.