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Thursday, Nov 15th

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Samsung INFOSender INFOPocket -- Digital Tour Guide Gadget

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How often do you hire a tour guide when you travel to the tourist destination? I am sure not many people like someone constantly talking and that too [ … ]

Windows Powered Nokia Netbook Booklet 3G

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Nokia finally launches a notebook called Nokia Booklet 3G. Based on the Intel Atom processor (which powers most Netbooks), this 1.25kg notebook comes [ … ]

HP Launches 2709m Full HD LCD Display

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hp2709m lg HP unveiled 2709m 27 inch Full HD LCD Display
Hewlett-Packard(HP) revealed a brand new 27? widescreen LCD display with 1920×1080 full HD resolution which can be used as a TV as well for small home [ … ]

Cybernetic Bride - Real Human Robot

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Japan's HRP-4C "cybernetic human" is designed for entertainment.

Fashion designer Yumi Katsura showed her latest wedding dresses in Osaka including a gown sported by the government's newly developed "cybernetic huma [ … ]


Top 5 Girly Pink Touch Screen Phones

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2.6 Inch Touch Screen Music Lady Mobile Phone
Now that Touch Screen phones are "HOT" in the market, why not have some touch screen girly phones that has mirror, makeup box and lots and lots of Pin [ … ]
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