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Port Your Existing Number To Google Voice

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google-voice-number-portGoogle Voice is one of the best feature launched by Google that gives you control over your phone calls and access to your voicemails, text messages from anywhere in the world.

Google today introduced a long awaited feature "Port Your Own Number" for Google Voice. Now users can port their existing mobile phone numbers to Google Voice with few clicks.
Currently Google Voice Number porting feature is available for only personal mobile numbers. If you have a landline or corporate mobile numbers, you still can not port it to Google Voice.

How to Port your mobile number to Google Voice?
Go to your Google Voice settings and look under "YOur Google Voice Number". You will see a hyperlink that says "Change/Port" your number. Once you click on the link, you can then choose to port your number.

The first step is to check whether you can port the number or not. Then once the number is portable, it will ask you to review the porting conditions. The condition is that you will be charged $20 (payable through Google Checkout). Once you accept this, your mobile phone service will be terminated and you may be charged early termination fees by your mobile service provider.

But hey, atleast you can now use Google Voice and your existing mobile number to run iPhone 4 on Sprint (without any contract)