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Saturday, Dec 15th

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iPhone Sleeve Pico Projector With Extra Battery

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iphone-pico-projectorWith smartphones becoming more and more mainstream, one can actually have his/her office on the go. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple are working hard to bring the productivity suites to smartphones so that you can do your job while on the go.

Check out this new little portable iPhone sleeve projector that can actually turn your iPhone 4S into a DLP Projector with 60 inch wide screen.

Sanwa has new launched a new iPhone Projector PRJ016 that packs a 1,850mAh battery. It can can recharge your handset up to 80 percent and also power the projection mode if you like to see a movie with family/friends or throw a presentation on the go for your next sales pitch.

The 35 lumens DLP device has three times the brightness of its predecessor, can project for 120 minutes on a full tank and has a maximum display size of 60-inches, focusing from a distance of up to six feet. It's available in Japan from tomorrow, setting you back ¥23,800 ($305)

Check out the video below