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HP Launches Wi-Fi Mouse With 9 Month Battery Life

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I am a big fan of cordless stuff. Whether its a mouse, phone or television sets. Anything that has no cords, I am up for that.

There are many cordless mouses for your computer or PC but today, HP launched a new kind of cordless mouse.. a Wi-Fi mouse that can connect to your computer or a laptop using Wi-Fi signals.

The mouse won’t require an easily misplaced USB dongle, and HP says its nine-month battery life is a lot longer than Bluetooth or wireless USB mice.

HP claims it’s easy to pair up the mouse and a Windows 7-equipped laptop, connecting with Wi-Fi without using an often-scarce USB port. The mouse’s range is 30 feet, similar to the distance most Bluetooth mice can operate.

Other than that unique Wi-Fi trick, this ambidextrous mouse is much like any other, with 1200 to 1600dpi resolution, five customizable buttons, a four-way tilt scroll wheel and a familiar-looking form factor. The HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse will be available in June for $49.99.