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iPhone 5 Leaked Photos & Video - Releasing September 12

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If you aren't an iPhone fan, you may be because the new Apple iPhone 5 is coming soon to Apple stores near you.

The rumors and speculations of Apple iPhone 5 is making rounds for over few months now but today we have found leaked photos and videos of iPhone 5 in the wild.

These come from Chinese supplier iLab Factory, which has released photos depicting a fully-assembled iPhone 5. The device pictured features an updated speaker arrangement, that new (and smaller) dock connector, and what looks to be a two-tone metal casing. Sadly, the video from Macotakara only shows the casing. However, it does seem to align with what we saw in iLab's photos, with that same dock-connector, speaker arrangement and two-tone casing.


The good news is that iMore reported the release date of Apple iPhone 5 - Its September 12th 2012.  Apple is also planning to launch a mini iPad. iPhone 5 will be available for purchase from September 21st (a week from the announcement) as per the sources.

Did you like the new iPhone 5 design? Technical specifications?