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Monday, Dec 10th

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HTC Touch Pro

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The successor to HTC Diamond has arrived and if the vibes are to be believed it gives a feeling of running all alone in the homestretch with all the potential that it has. Few prefer calling it brick and others still a way –too-cumbersome entity but the phone is surely there to stay. The Diamond did not fetch great reviews, and few ROM upgrades later, customers had lost interest in the brand to a relative level but they have really surprised big time with this timely gizmo.

The phone comes in a pyramid-shaped box, with its top sliced away akin to the Diamond model. Awe-inspiring packaging it has; to be neutral yet honest. First impression is really top draw. Now let’s travel to the inside part. Headset, extra stylus for operating touch screen and CDROM are boxed spaciously. Batteries USB and the chargers are there as adjuncts. The charger needs to be handled really properly.

The phone replicates Nokia N-95 to a degree and many graphic illustrations would suggest likewise. From the exterior, the phone shows four buttons, the centre button does dual duty also working as a virtual scroller for over sizing Opera. In this quality it is a near facsimile of diamond model.

Now for the real features, it has a 3.2 megapixel automatic focus camera accompanied with flash, these are business mobiles and don’t give that much preference to video footing and music edition. The keyboard has no loose ends yet comes out with the most feathery of touches, this must have taken the HTC people some doing. Touch flo 3D increases the quality of 6.1 operating system. HTC YouTube, Opera9.5 are there and so too are Google maps for navigation and office. One hieroglyphic tool is the sensor calibrating tool with onscreen incline.

If you did not make hay while the diamond had shone, make it while the HTC Pro is shining.