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Hottest Smartphones Of 2011

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plugins/content/imagesresizecache/1eac66e376fef69046ff0bfef71f6c3c.jpegIf you're planning on updating your phone any time soon then there are plenty of great deals around when it comes to smartphones, and with competition fierce amongst the manufacturers, both price and specifications are better than ever.

While the majority of new smartphones come with respectable technical capabilities, a handful of new models take that a step further. The new Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, for example, offers up a stylish design but packs a powerful punch too thanks to its Android operating system that is helped along by a beefy processor. This smartphone comes with great picture-taking power too thanks to a camera that features the award-winning Exmor lens technology. A front-facing lens and built-in Facebook tools make it a social networking essential too. There are gorgeous looks and an excellent all-round build quality while connectivity also makes the Neo a hit. Want to watch HD video from your handset but on the big screen? No problem, the 3.7-inch Reality Display does footage justice, but that's nothing to hooking up your phone to an HD TV using the built-in HDMI connector. Keep your eyes open for Xperia Neo deals as this is one model well worth exploring.

Similarly, the Motorola Atrix is an Android OS-enabled handset that delivers peak performance thanks to its dual-core processor. There are plenty of technical innovations on-board this model too, including a docking system that effectively allows you to use your smartphone as a laptop workstation as well as a media and entertainment centre. There's a crystal-clear 4-inch screen and very bulky battery to match the specification, which is an essential requirement for all the multi-tasking that the Atrix provides. The 5-megapixel camera is decent and, as an overall package, this one is quite a showstopper.

HTC continues to impress with its ever growing range of smartphones and some of the newest models are no exception, with the Incredible S proving to be one of the highlights thanks to its 4-inch Super LCD screen, an 8-megapixel camera and LED flash plus there's a front-facing 1.3- megapixel snapper on-board too. In addition, a beefy battery in this multimedia powerhouse keeps you going that little bit longer. However, it's perhaps the HTC Desire S that takes the gold medal as an all-round package. A 3.7-inch screen, updated Sense interface and a slightly smaller design makes this newly revised and released model one of the best Android handsets currently on the market.

Of course, which phone you buy is down to what uses you have planned for it, so screen sizes, processor power, a camera and all the rest of it can be entirely subjective. Nevertheless, there's no doubt that if you can't quite stretch to an Apple iPhone then pretty much any of the current crop of Android handsets make good alternatives that won't break the bank. What's more, with the Android OS getting bigger by the day, that range of smartphones is likely to keep growing too.

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