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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

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Alcatel OT209 £0.99 Mobile Phone - Cheapest Mobile Phone

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If you are looking into buying a real cheap mobile phone, here is a great alternative for you this christmas. Carphone Warehouse has introduced a $1.60/Rs. 71 mobile phone made by Alcatel. The phone is the cheapest pay-as-you-go mobile phone ever.

The Alcatel OT-209 is a simple, lightweight phone that makes it easy to stay in touch. It weighs only 65g so can be slipped into any pocket.

It has large, separated buttons and a clear, bright display. With a built-in FM radio and mobile games, this handy phone will keep you entertained on the morning commute. It takes just 2 hours to fully charge the handset, and one charge gives you up to 400 hours of standby power.

Customers, who are not tied to an expensive contract, will be connected to the Virgin network, the Daily Mail reported.

The only catch is they will have to buy 10 pounds of credit to make calls. There are no more fees other than the cost of making calls and text messages.

Other Features include:
Calendar Yes

An electronic diary.

Speakerphone Yes If your mobile phone has a built-in speaker you can use it to have hands free conversations or share music with friends. (Dependent on your handset's features)
SMS Yes Text messaging - also known as the Short Message Service (SMS) - lets you send and receive messages on your mobile phone. A single text can contain up to 160 characters, although some phones can combine several texts into a longer message.
Alarm Clock Yes

The iM600 is fully compatible with iPod models that have the alarm clock and sleep timer features.

USB Yes USB capability allows you to charge your phone from your computer and, with WiFi, use as a modem.
Games Yes Entertain yourself on the go with in-built games.
FM Radio Yes Built-in FM radios allow you to listen to live broadcasts on your mobile phone, usually through a headset. Some integrated Radios have additional features, like RDS and broadcast recording.
Polyphonic Tones Yes Get record quality ringtones on your handset.