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Top 3 Tech Gadgets For Preteens And Teens

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teens-gadgetsIt seems like there is a new gadget on the market every month that demands to be purchased. Deciding which new toy is suitable for your teen or preteen is a different story. Tech gadgets get expensive.

If your child is not responsible, then they may end up damaged or completely forgotten in a short amount of time. Here are three gadgets that will hold their attention for months or even years.

Nintendo Wii U

The new-Nintendo console is set to be released at the end of 2012. This will be on the shelves just in time for Christmas. The Wii U is a gaming console that will feature brand-new Nintendo games and a new way to game. It allows gamers to play on the television, but it also allows a television-free mode of gaming. It fits perfectly on a new TV stand too. That means no more fighting over who gets to watch television and who gets to play a game. It's suitable for all ages, but high-school aged and middle-school aged kids will enjoy it the most. The price is not released yet, but you better be ready to purchase as soon as it is released.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a fantastic choice for teenagers in high school. It plays music, takes photos, records videos and has tons of application options. The iPod touch varies in price. The smallest size is $200 while the largest is about $300. When they are properly taken care of, these devices can last quite some time.

The Kindle Fire

Every preteen and teen that loves to read needs a Kindle Fire. Books are more affordable in digital format, and it will encourage them to read. There are even free classics available. Applications are available for magazines and games. The large size makes it almost as sleek as an iPad, but it doesn't come with the hefty cost. The Kindle Fire is $200, but you will also need a few gift cards for buying books. The Kindle Fire offers one application per day at no cost.

These gadgets are exciting, engaging and even educational. They are sure to hold your teen's attention for a long time to come. Teach your teen how to properly care for their electronics so that they last a long time. Make sure they understand that broken gadgets do not get replaced unless it is under warranty.