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The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

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For many smokers who want to quit, gums, patches, and pills just don't do the trick. They miss the sensation of getting to bring a cigarette to their lips and of watching themselves exhale the smoke. To combat this desire to smoke, the electronic cigarette was created to allow smokers the sensation of smoking without the harmful side effects.

Since the original creation of the electronic cigarette, numerous products have entered the market. These products range in price and in effectiveness, and many traditional smokers have found the more inexpensive products to be a huge disappointment. Electronic cigarettes were designed to help users quit smoking which means the more realistic they are, the better. And when it comes to realistic electronic cigarettes, one stands above the rest: the Green Smoke electronic cigarette.

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette beats out the competition because it's highly realistic. It produces a high quality smoke vapor that simulates real smoke so closely that many former smokers can't tell the difference between the e-cigarette and the traditional cigarette. The Green Smoke e-cigarette is also unique as it offer a patented two-piece system not found with other e-cigarette brands.

The Green Smoke two piece systems allows users to change the mouth piece every time to create a more hygienic product, and it also allows users to change the atomizer each time so that users get a great taste and strong vapor each time. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette also offers a variety of flavors including Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, and Vanilla Dreams.

The smoke vapor isn't the only realistic quality the Green Smoke electronic cigarette has to offer. It also feels like a traditional cigarette both in your hand and on your lips. The less realistic an e-cigarette feels, such as a bulkiness or heaviness in your mouth, the less likely you are to use it. However, with a Green Smoke e-cigarette, you benefit from a light weight design which won't make you feel like you are using a cold electronic.

Although the Green Smoke e-cigarette is more expensive than other brands, usually running between $109 to $139 for a starter kit, its quality is unmatched. No other cigarette produces a more realistic smoke vapor which is why so many traditional cigarette users choose Green Smoke when they decide to quite smoking. Don't compromise your success when you decide to quite smoking by buying a less realistic electronic cigarette. Buy a Green Smoke starter kit. It will be the best health care purchase you ever make.