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Monday, Dec 10th

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Mobile Callet - Phone Case with Wallet

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If you remember, we wrote earlier about a mobile phone case with credit card holder the CASE Mate. But now there is a new wallet for your Phone, called Callet.

The Callet (US$19.95) is a simple product that takes a silicone wrap for iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and puts a few slots in the back where your drivers license and a credit card can be stashed. It's a case! It's a wallet! It's a Callet!The Callet protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes as well as let you do away with the need to carry a wallet. The silicone material is semi-transparent, so you can see the Apple logo glowing through the Callet.

It comes in four colors: black, white, pink and blue. It also has holes in all the right places. There's a big honkin' gap at the bottom for your dock connector and speakers, another pair for the volume and mute switches, one for the headphone jack and noise cancellation mic, one for the on/off/sleep/wake switch, and even one for the SIM slot.

 You can order your Callet online now.