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Tuesday, May 23rd

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SwitchBooks - Switchboard with Key Holder

Who likes those big key chain holders in the house? We have so many switch boards in the house, why not use those instead of putting up a new key hold [ … ]

Become Film Director With Your Digital Camera

Nano Mounts Turn your DSLRs into a Movie Making

Redrock Micro's Nano kits turn your DSLR camera into a film-making rig, allowing you to construct your own unique filming rig by adding grips, chest b [ … ]


Desktop Microwave Oven BrainWave

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The BrainWave is a desktop microwave that will come in handy for workaholics and bookworms, who can’t seem to tear themselves away from their computer [ … ]


Pack Your Baby In Baby Back Pack

As crazy as it sounds, now you can pack your baby also while traveling to your dream vacation. Just buy this baby back pack and put your baby in the b [ … ]

Share Your Broken Bone Pain With Castoo Wrap

If you have broken your bone, how would you make other people feel the pain? You can't because all they can see is the white plaster wrapped around yo [ … ]

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