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Spy On Your Enemies With Micro-bot

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If you want to spy on your enemies, you might want to check out this latest spy gadget - The Micro-bot. ReconRobotics and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific is planning to develop a concept robot that would be able to climb hulls and perform reconnaissance missions even on ships seized by pirates.

So what if you don't have pirates to fight with.. you can leave this puppy micro-bot spy gadget running behind your neighbor's wall.
The micro-robot would be based on Recon's Throwbot platform, a rolling surveillance robot that can be tossed through a window, down a staircase, or into hazardous situations. It's used by military and law enforcement and can survive throws of 120 feet.

The 1-pound ship-boarding bot would launch from a "marsupial robot deployment system," in which a larger robot would carry it to its deployment location. Its magnetized wheels would then carry it up and over a ship hull to spy on pirates. It has infrared optics to see in the dark.