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Sony Touch Screen MP3 Player X Series Walkman

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The X series Walkman by Sony is going to be a rival to the iPod by Apple. This brand new music device will have a large screen surface of almost 3 inches which means a spectacular display of your play list as well as videos. It’s also interesting how Sony has incorporated wireless Internet functions into the cell phone which makes it even more invaluable.

The best part is that Sony has promised a direct access to YouTube videos. The X series Walkman will have a storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB. Previous Sony models have not been able to support Flash websites. So it is yet to be seen how the Internet functions will work out.


you can get all the free music you want on the X-Series Walkman. And unlike with the Apple iPod Touch, you won't need a constant Wi-Fi connection to have access to it. While the X-Series does include a wireless antenna for hopping on to hot spots, the Slacker app only needs access to the network when refreshing station content. Each time you refresh, music is cached to the Walkman so that you can listen to it wherever you are, regardless of Internet access.

The X-Series Walkman doesn't stop with music--the 3-inch, capacitive touch display lends itself well to video, and the integrated YouTube app means you can access free content anywhere you are connected to Wi-Fi. The player also supports purchased video from Amazon Video On Demand and any other online store that uses protected WMV. In addition, you get native playback of AVC (H.264/AVC), WMV, and MPEG-4. Plus, Sony has updated its superbly agile Content Transfer app, which can now automatically transcode video into a format supported by the Walkman.

There's integrated noise canceling (built to work with the included MDR-NC020 EX headphones); an onboard FM tuner; a five-band EQ including two custom settings and DSNe sound enhancement; and support for photos and slideshows. The player is constructed of sturdy metal with glossy face and back plates wrapped in a seamless textured edge (it was modeled after a geode). It measures 3.8 inches by 2.1 inches by 0.4 inch, making it solid but still pocket-friendly.