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Monday, Dec 10th

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Speakers With Bonsai Tree


JVC is showing off their Sound Garden concept. In an [ … ]


Solar Powered eMotion Portable Media Player

emotion-portable-solarIf you are a renewable energy fan, here is a nice little portable media player by eMotion. This portable emotion media player has SD card slot exansio [ … ]

Cellphone or Speakers?


Does it look like a cellphone? You are mistaken. Its not a cellphone but a compact speakers.

sleek portable speakers fold neatly together for effortl [ … ]

Woofer System With Pun Intended


Do you think its a Dog with his head cut off? Well this is not a dog with its head cut. This is a “Woofer System”.

the “Woofer” is a co-axial spea [ … ]

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