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Soundscience 3D 2.1 speaker system

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Music is something, which gives relaxation to the person who is under stress. It is the way to get some piece of mind. It is also the best way to enjoy and cherish the life. But if the music is not of good quality , then all the enjoyment goes down.

Antec has just announced the availability of its soundscience rockus 3D 2.1 speaker system, where it was specially designed to deliver a personal theater experience to the masses. This would definitely live with your latest stereoscopic 3D movies as well as games, since it will stay in step with whatever’s shown on the screen to have your ears agree.

It has 3D sound technology which is known as 3Dsst which will actively analyze incoming stereo audio signals and intelligently place them into a 3D sound field, letting your 2.1 speakers deliver immersive 3D sound for your movies and games.

Its key features are :

  • Anodized aluminum satellites that reduce vibration and minimize distortion, resulting in clear mid and sparkling high-range sound.
  • Total output of speakers is 150W, with each satellite delivering 25W and the subwoofer producing 100W, comparable to larger footprint subwoofers.
  • 3D-tuned drivers to deliver audio optimized for soundscience’s 3Dsst technology.
  • Dual-mode operation: 3D mode for enveloping games and movies, and music mode for faithful stereo music playback.
  • Optical input for playback of digital audio from game consoles (Xbox 360, PS3,) and other, similarly equipped devices.
  • Remote control pod for volume adjustment, 3D/music mode selection, muting and digital/analog input selection.
  • Frequency response is 10Hz to 20kHz
Apart from that, its subwoofer will utilize passive radiator technology so that one will be able to enjoy an expansive range of bass comparable to larger footprint subwoofers. It is expected that its cost will be around 250$