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Thursday, Nov 15th

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New LTE Smartphone To Be Launched By MetroPCS

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These days we are having so many gadgets as the technology has given a lot more boost to them and is still continues to be. Only mobile phones seems to be only gadgets which has got so much love from all around the world.

With the increase in population, no doubt, mobile phones are being sold in large numbers day by day but this rate is almost double or even triple. Another new phone is going to be launched called Samsung Galaxy Indulge.



It is an Android based mobile device that will hit the market on February 11. The handset is the revised version of the Galaxy S line smartphones. The handset is available in a slick plastic body as well as slide-out keyboard.

The mobile device is powered by a 1-GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor and has a 3.2-mega pixel camera, equipped with a 4GB microSD memory card and is preloaded with “Iron Man2.” It also supports a wide range of metro PCS apps.

It is the second LTE mobile device followed by Samsung Craft, and will give internet speed of about 5 mbps.