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Cool gadget for lengthy calls !!

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Technology has outweighed far more Boon than the Curse !! This is really a good gadget which everyone would like to have, especially those, who love to have lengthy conversations or have to do just because of their work .

It becomes quite annoying when your phone gets heat up during lengthy calls and you need to end up the call at that moment to give some relief to your phone. What if you are having a decent talk with your girlfriend / boyfriend and suddenly the phone gives you red signal by heating up and you need to end up ? What if you are having conversation related to job but phone says not to talk because it has been excessively heated up ?

Well, if you find it amusing and rather annoying, then you will sure find this new gadget rather interesting. Introducing the Moshi Moshi Office Phone !


This gadget though looks like a traditional phone but it is really cool. It can be connected to iphone via 3.5 mm jack .

You can also connect it to your iPad if you want to make calls via Skype, iChat, and Google Talk. Feel as if your making a call using a traditional handset and talk as long as you want.

This gadget is available in two colors , gloss white and soft touch black