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Aquatic Micro-Robot - Water Walking Gerridae Robot

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The bionic microbot that mimics the water walking abilities of the water strider (Image: A...If you think that Chinese people can only rip off the products developed in other countries, you are wrong. They can actually make a rip off of the living bugs too.

Gerridae are a family of long-legged bugs commonly known as water striders that are able to run on top of the water's surface. Chinese scientists have developed an aquatic microrobot that mimics Gerridae.

The robot has a body about the size of a quarter to which ten water-repellent, wire legs and two moveable, oar-like legs are attached. While the 10 long legs extending from either side of the robot's body keep it afloat, the two shorter, centrally-located, oar-like legs powered by two miniature motors propel it across the surface of the water.

Check out the video of this Aquatic Microrobot in action