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Thursday, Nov 15th

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All In One Remote Control

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These days, almost each household have mobile phones, Televisions, Music systems etc. and people in the household do fight with each other for the remote of Television or Music Systems.

Or people also might to have search for the specific remote of a specific gadget as they get sprung up with so many remotes.

Well now there's a handy device that will solve all of your remote control woes.

It's the New Kinetix NK100 Re Universal IR Remote Control . This device is used on an iPhone or iPod Touch to turn it into a universal remote control that can work in every room of your house and on each individual device.

It can be used almost anywhere you go, including the office. Simply program it with the remote of whatever TV, DVD player, audio device, or other electronic device you have and it becomes a single remote that controls each one.

There is no need of WiFi to function but needs to be plugged into an iPhone or iPod and then download the Re Universal Remote Control application which is free. Plug in and take personalized control of AV entertainments everywhere that you go.