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Play Angry Birds On Computer With USB Controllers

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angry-birds-usb-controllerAre you one of those "Angry Birds" game fan? Why wouldn't you be right? Its the most addicting game after Super Mario. You may have played angry birds on your smartphones and computers but how about playing your favorite angry birds game with USB hard controllers. That's right.. keep reading

It may not be available for you or me in near future but Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz in a class on Haptics at CIID run by Bill Verplank and David Gauthier have created Super Angry Birds. It is a force feedback USB controller for Angry Birds that simulates the feeling of a slingshot. All the controls found in the game are available in this device. You can control the pull, the angle, and of course trigger the special power of the bird.

It is indeed a pretty neat hardware solution for Angry Birds Controllers. Check out the video below that shows Super Angry Birds in Action

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via: SoundPlusDesign